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Ergonomic Hipseat Baby Carrier

Ergonomic Hipseat Baby Carrier

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Want to comfortable stay close to your baby?

With our ergonomic multifunctional hip seat carrier you can do just that... AND MORE!!

Learn why our Ergonomic Hip Seat Baby Carrier is
THE doctor recommended baby carrier 👨‍⚕️😍

  • Reduce back and hip pain
  • Increase comfort for you and your baby 
  • Carry longer while avoiding early fatigue
  • Multiple positions
  • Additional storage

Most carriers don't evenly distribute your child's weight across your body, making your back take all the burden. It's the same reason your back is in so much pain during pregnancy. Who wants to relive that?

The Ergonomic Carrier distributes weight evenly throughout your lower back, shoulders and hips by utilizing a unique X-strap back support that fastens into the front hip seat.

Our carefully crafted hip seat base provides wide support so your baby's hips can rest in the healthy, doctor recommended 'M-Shape' position. Their legs are lifted and supported at hip level, not hanging or dangling like with other carriers, making for a happier more comfortable baby and a sane momma!

💠 3D HIP SEAT - No more dangling feet! Our hip seat takes the weight of your child off your back while allowing them to sit comfortably in the doctor recommended "M" shape position.

💠 ANTI SHEDDING "X" CROSS STRAP - Most carriers utilize a "T" shaped buckle strap that pulls on your shoulders in all the wrong way, our carrier's unique "X" cross strap design helps center your child's weight evenly across your body allowing for longer more comfortable carry sessions.

💠 4X STORAGE - Large storage pocket under the 3D hip seat, zip up side pocket, chest front pocket, and a bottle / cup holder. No more need for a diaper bag! Store your phone, credit cards, diaper, wipes and a drink! You'll love the storage so much you'll wonder why no other carrier has these features!

💠 6 IN 1 POSITION - Support for ANY adventure! Supports front inward facing, front outward facing, back carry, front inward hip carry, front outward hip carry and resting arm hip carry.

💠 REMOVABLE HEAD COVER - Quickly shield your little one from the elements with the detachable head cover. Protects against sun, wind and cold.

💠 DETACHABLE DESIGN - Use as a full carrier or detach the hip seat for quick and easy casual house wear.


Each position has been custom designed by moms to give you the MOST support and pain free experience. The 6-in-1 design gives flexibility of choice for any adventure.

Want something simple and non-bulky around the house? No need to put on the whole carrier, just strap on the hip seat with ONE click and give your back a rest!

The detachable hip seat provides incredible versatility during the growth of your baby that other baby carriers simply can't provide.

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