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Galaxy Lamp

Galaxy Lamp

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Turn Your Home Into a NASA Paradise

Always wanted to be an astronaut? Fascinated by the intricacies and mysteries of outer-space? Here's the good news- you don't have to travel to the local planetarium or get a rocket science degree to venture out to infinity and beyond.

Meet the GALAXY LAMP, a meticulously-crafted beauty designed using high-quality NASA satellite images. Its rugged surface is reminiscent of a star in the night sky, boasting incredible detail guaranteed to steal the show whenever a guest comes over to play.

Recharge. Replay.

A rechargeable battery keeps the magic going for up to 10 hours straight (with only an hour of charging time). Use your lamp plugged in or on-the-move to turn heads and widen eyes wherever life takes you

One Lamp. 16 Colors. Limitless Potential.

Create a magnificent show where one color fades into the next like smooth honey. Take control of your Galaxy Lamp from the palm of your hand, adjusting brightness and color patterns in seconds.

A Unique Gift

Your friends and family will never guess what's inside their box- a show-stopping Galaxy Lamp. It's perfect for both kids and adults, transforming even the, most boring bedrooms into an intergalactic extravaganza. We mean, you could get your Mom another gift set with the same soaps and creams you've given her for years, or, you could give her something unique-something she's never seen before - something you'll probably have to help her set up.

Why The Galaxy Lamp?

  • It's Earth-friendly
  • It's kid and pet - friendly ( little to no heat means no concern for curious kids)
  • It's chemical-free
  • It's perfect for ANY room

The Galaxy Lamp is also surprising soothing. Pair it with some peaceful music, kick off your shoes, and feel the stress of the day melt away.


  • 16 colors, adjustable brightness,3 different lighting modes.
  • Materials: 100% eco-friendly ABS
  • Charging Time: 2 hours with included USB charger
  • Working Time: Up to 10 hours battery life(or use while plugged in)
  • 2 Different sizes

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