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Lucky Blue Lace

Woven Removable Pet Bed

Woven Removable Pet Bed

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🐾 Pamper Your Purrfect Companion 🐾

Your cat deserves the best, and this Woven Removable Cat Bed is designed with their comfort and happiness in mind. Crafted from high-quality materials, it provides a cozy retreat where your cat can curl up, relax, and feel safe.



Removable Cushion: We know that accidents happen, and that's why we've made the cushion removable and easy to clean. Simply toss it in the washing machine, and it's as good as new!
Anti-Slip Base: No more slipping and sliding! The cat bed has a non-slip base to ensure it stays in place, even during playful moments.
Versatile Design: Whether your cat prefers to sprawl out or curl up, this bed provides the perfect spot. It's also ideal for small dogs.
Diameter: 46cm, Height: 15cm

 Please note, 

You have purchased a product that has been handwoven from natural materials.

If it is deformed due to violent transportation, it is recommended that you use items to fix the shape, and it will return to its original shape after 3-5 days.

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